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About First Safety
About First Safety

Formed in 1991, First Safety focuses on servicing the industrial, safety and scientific markets with the highest quality products available for handling gas cylinders. State-of-the-art manufacturing, coupled with the experience of developing over 2500 industrial products, help us provide cost effective products. First Safety products follow these premises:
  • Industrial Gas Cylinders are inherently dangerous, because of their weight, high-pressure contents, and unwieldy shape. Therefore, safe handling of gas cylinders requires the best available products, without compromising function for cheaper cost. Heavier construction is always better.
  • Old product designs often become accepted because they are better marketed, not better performing. Copying an existing product design does not advance the state-of-the-art. Only a superior performing product will be accepted by First Safety as a First Safety product.
  • Cylinders should not be lifted by hand if it can be avoided by any other means. As example, all hand trucks, racks and stands have Zero Lift Height perimeter braced designs, unique in the industry.
  • Chains cannot be used as primary cylinder support for mobile equipment, unless they can be tightened against the cylinders to eliminate the cylinders from shifting in transit. We use only cinch straps, locking collar rings and clamping chain systems for in-transit products
  • Gas cylinders should be released from restraints one at a time. Releasing more than one cylinder is inherently dangerous.
  • American manufacturing should support American industry. We use only American skilled labor and materials whenever available in manufacturing.
We take advantage of the best available technology to offer you products with demonstrable value and quality. We excel at custom engineered products to meet special needs. Give us an opportunity to show you what our uncompromising standards and ingenuity can do for you. We welcome comparisons between our products, and any products from any source worldwide. We live up to our name.


Mike Litin and Doug Lownik